Digital Accessibility

Shifting to an accessibility-first mindset, your digital solutions will offer much more, reach more people and offer a better experience overall.

Does it matter?

Any one of us might have a momentary, temporary or permanent impairment and it is our duty to build and promote technology that works for everyone.

Getting there is a matter of writing simpler code following best practices and established standards – the platform will do the rest.

Yes. Digital products (including websites and apps) developed by private entities are governed by the Equal Opportunities Act (EOA).  Apart from the EOA, public entities are also governed by the EU’s Web Accessibility Directive (WAD) – and must meet accessibility standards by law.

Your teams should consider accessibility as a functional requirement during product development – akin to how architects treat accessibility when designing physical environments.

Where do you start?

If you are planning a new project or reviewing an existing one, making sure you get everything right can be quite overwhelming. This website is here to help you. Feel free to visit the help centre, which provides quick guides and resources aimed at technology teams who want to improve their digital products. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to start a conversation.